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What is Digybot?

DigyBot is a Chatbot that uses AI to serve customers, answer questions and carry out transactions in real time. Through a normal style of conversation and without the need for any special command.

DigyBot immediately increases serviceability and customer satisfaction.

Digybot Features

DigyBot works through Powerful APIs, which are easily integrated with existing systems, with which you can activate or retrieve information until data is sent to your system in real time. All Communications are encrypted with the same bank security method (256 bits) ...


DigyBot tells you what you need to know, when you need to know.

Tickets with a photo

Forget about gathering all the papers and receipts, just take a photo and voila.


Ask him for your information or general topics on FB Messenger, Skype and Whatsapp (coming soon).


Consult, pay and capture quickly and safely without leaving where you like to be.

... and the chatbots that we can develop are the following:

Health and personal care

Give your patients the ability to schedule medical appointments, study notifications, reminders and medical advice.

Real-time questions

Offer your client to know inventories, current status of goods in real time.

Travel and reservations

Use your Chatbot to receive reservations and give availability information. In addition to reminders.

Catalog of products and services

Provide your clients with your latest products and services. Let them browse through your catalog of promotions in your Chat, or send them to your website for more details.

Financial information

Provide your clients with immediate, real-time reports of financial information such as stock prices, forecasts, and market summaries.

Service Surveys

Ask your customers for feedback and satisfaction score by evaluating the quality of your service automatically and anonymously through the chatbot.

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